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Carel Schmidlkofer

10:25:13 AM

I would like to offer paper prints of my work, but not canvas prints as I only sell one canvas print as the original. But the options here include canvas, so I have not been taking advantage of that. Is there a way to change to paper prints only?

Ken Krug

12:01:38 PM

Leave prices off items you don't want to sell. Leave it completely blank, not even a zero. Or it could sell, and of course you would not receive anything for it.

Katelyn Shearer

1:18:31 PM

will you be notified once something is sold, even though we wont be paid until the 15th? I am trying to still make my first sale on here. Any tips? Check out my page if you would like and give me some pointers. Just joined this week.

Carel Schmidlkofer

1:31:33 PM

A pricing question. I have listed my images with my markup but when I click on the link for customers, most of the cost is my markup! Is something wrong? The way it is listed FAA will only make a few pennies on the prints, and that can't possibly cover their costs.

Mario Carta

2:50:21 PM

After lunch I will be back to hammer and chisel to my stone sandstone/limestone sculpture but I have already ordered some 10 lbs of block white imported from Italy alabaster for my next sculpture and if that goes well I will see about getting some white carrara marble if I can find some in the US close to Florida.

Mario Carta

9:15:06 PM

Here is some live video of my stone sculpting, this is grueling work in the Florida heat, every muscle in my body hurts after 4 hours of non stop chiseling.

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